Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Really Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Pages - Resource Recommendation

When I need a coloring page, or a visual for a teaching "The Really Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Pages" by Gospel Light is the first place I look.  I've used the coloring pages to help teach the Bible to my daughters at home and also to children in the local Church. 

"The Really Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Pages" has  over 180 coloring pages from records throughout the Bible. It comes with a CD-Rom that you can print the coloring pages from your computer. If this particular coloring book is out of your price point, "The Bible Story Coloring Pages" has 120 similar coloring pages covering the main records in the Bible.  This one doesn't come with the CD-Rom, so you will need access to a copy machine.

What I like about the pictures:
  • The pictures follow closely what the Bible says over what tradition says.  In the pictures, the angels don't have wings, since the Bible never mentions them having wings.  When the Magi visit Jesus, the coloring page has him as a toddler, which fits with the Biblical record.
  •  Clear drawings.  I like the clean lines of the drawings.  It is easy to see what the focus of the coloring page is.  This also makes it easier for children to color.
  • Accessible to all ages.  The coloring book says that it is for ages 5-8, but I have used it for much younger ages.  The pictures are simple enough for young children to become engaged with them.
  • The coloring pages show the dress and environment of the Bible times.

How I use these coloring pages:

For Coloring
I use the pictures for coloring activity after learning a Bible record.  My daughters are 2 and 3, so they may only color for a short amount of time.  But they love their pictures and are so proud of them.  As they color the picture I can reinforce names, vocabulary and what they learned.  And later as they look at the pictures they colored, they remember and tell other people what they learned.  The above picture shows a 3 brad folder that we have been putting pictures in after they color them.  This has been an easy way to make a "book" about what they are learning.

Visuals while teaching.  
I started using these pages as visuals when teaching children in the local Church.  I have been so excited to see that with a visual, 1 and 2 year-olds can start to learn the Bible.  I color the page, glue it to a piece of colored card stock, and then laminate it.  Since it is laminated, I can hand it to a one year old to look at closely and it won't get destroyed.  Also it can be used for years to come.  

I know that laminating is beyond what most people need to do.  If you are going to laminate pictures, I recommend I started to color code the background card stock for easier organization.  ( I do Old Testament on green, the Gospels on blue, and the Church on orange). 

Some of the pictures I have numbered, then used to review the sequence of events with the children.  The kids love working on putting them in order.

What are coloring pages or visuals that you like to use when teaching the Bible?
Disclosure: I make recommendations on the basis of products that I personally use and that I think would be of value to the reader. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or links that I mention on this blog.

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