Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Idea List For Teaching The Bible

We plant seeds. We celebrate Resurrection Sunday and Pentecost, the birthday of the Church. Plants are sprouting and blooming. We spend more time outside with our children. These activities give us chances to teach our children the Bible in daily life. We can use what our children see and experience in daily life as visuals and reminders of God's Word.

This is an "idea list" not a "to do list". First and foremost we want to always be listening to God if He has specific directions for what our children need to learn. There might be times in the Spring that my children need to learn about something that doesn't "fit" with the season. Maybe they need to learn about being thankful, or learn about God's love.

As parents we can spend this springtime growing in our own walk with our Heavenly Father. Have the seeds, and the blossoms, and spending time in God's creation remind you of God's wonderful Word. Then it will be even more sweeter as you speak from your heart God's wonderful Word to your child.

Idea List For Teaching The Bible In The Spring 
Seeds And Sowing:
Plant seeds with your child. Beans or sunflowers are both easy to grow from seeds. Talk with your child about what the word "to sow" means".
  • Read about the "sower and the seed" in Mark 4:1-20.
  • Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-8. Talk about "sowing bountifully" or "sowing generously", and being a "cheerful giver". Listen to the song "Whoever Sows" from Sing The Bible Volume 2 by Randall Goodgame.

Read Isaiah 40:8. Pick a flower with your child. Talk about how flowers are pretty, but fade away. Put the flower in a vase and over the next week watch it fade away. Talk about how the Word of our God stands forever. Further ideas at "God's Word Stands Forever".

The Resurrection:
Listen to the He Is Risen music playlist.

Read records leading up to the resurrection:
Teach about the resurrection:
Teach about after the resurrection up to the ascension:

  • Read about what had been promised in Acts 1:1-15.
  • Read Acts 2.
  • If you have the CD "All Filled", listen to the title song, "All Filled".
  • Celebrate the "birthday of the Church" with your family.

God's Creation:
  • Talk about God's creation as you spend time outside. This might be while you talk walks, play at the park, or have a picnic.
  • Sing the song "All Things Bright And Beautiful". See here for suggestions of related picture books.
  • Dray Psalm 148 
  • Read Genesis 1 and 2. For related teaching ideas check out And It Was So and "It Was Good" .
 Have a joyous Spring with your family!

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