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"And It Was So" Teaching Ideas

Theme Verse: “It is He who made the earth by His power” Jeremiah 10:12a NASB  Motion: Flex arms for power

Song: “My God is So Great”

Parent Preparation: Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-3, Psalms 33:5-9, Psalm 148:3-6, Isaiah 40:28, Jeremiah 10:12-13, Romans 11:33 (for further ideas read Genesis 1, 2, & 3 Overview)

Supplies: Bible, children’s Bible, print out of teaching, Bible basket with visuals for what God made,

Day 1
  • (Read first chapter in your children’s Bible.)
  • One name for God has is the “Creator” (have your child repeat the name aloud)
  • (Read Genesis 1:3) To make light we have to turn on a flash light or a lamp (turn on a light).  God has so much power he can just speak and it was so.
  • On the second day God divided waters above and below the heaven. (lone arm up high, and one arm low.)
  • (Read the theme verse) God has so much power.  He spoke and it happened.

Day 2
  • (Read first chapter in your children’s Bible.)
  • (Have child repeat theme verse after you.)
  • (Read Genesis 1:9) On the third day God made earth appear.  So there was land and water.  How strong God is!  He made plants and trees that make seeds and fruit grow on the land.  God saw that this was good. (show visuals)
  • On the fourth day God made the sun for the daytime, the moon and stars for the nighttime.  How smart and strong God is to make these good things! (show visuals)

Day 3 
  • (Read first chapter in your children’s Bible)
  • On the fifth day God made living creature in the ocean, What lives in the ocean?  And He made birds fly in the air.  He saw that this was good. (show visuals)
  • (Read Genesis 1:24)
  • On the sixth day God made animals to walk around the earth.  What kinds of animals do we have on the earth?  God made them!  He also made a man and a women.  It was God’s idea to make people. 
  • (Have child repeat theme verse after you.)

Additional Activities:
  • Talk of God’s Wisdom - read the rest of Jeremiah 10:12.  Go through the days and make a list of what God was wise in making.
  • Go for a walk and observe what God made.
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