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"God Gave His Son" Bible Verse Journal Part 2

This Bible verse journal, "God Gave His Son", is focusing on the life of Jesus Christ.  Part 2 is the beginning of Jesus Christ's ministry. Feel free to join in at Part 2, even if you didn't do Part 1! Each page of the journal has a link to teaching ideas related to that Bible verse. See also the Jesus Christ Our Savior Teaching Series Overview. 

A Bible Verse Journal is a collection of Bible verses you have taught to your child. The Bible Verse Journal provides a chance to do a craft that reinforces part of the record that your child learned.

Benefits of a Bible Verse Journal:
  • Provides action and movement while learning the Bible.
  • Visuals for children that don't read yet. 
  • Focuses on the actual Word of God from the Bible. 
  • A tool for children to learn and review Bible verses. 

Note: This is how I made our Bible Verse Journal.  My hope is that it gives you ideas that you can use for your family.  There are many ways you could adjust it to better fit the interests of your family. For example: older children might want to write out all the verses and draw pictures of each records, etc. 

  • 3 ring binder with a clear sleeve in the front.  This way you can add pages as you go. (If you started a journal with Part 1, you can just add to that notebook.)
  • white card stock printer paper
  • crayons
  • watercolors and paint brush
  • glue
  • scissors
  • 3 ring hole punch 
  • craft stick 
  • construction paper (including the color blue)
Make the Cover (if you are starting at Part 2)
1. Print out
2. Color or paint.  If painting make sure the paint isn't so dark that you can't read the words. We used watercolors.  
3. Put in clear front flap of the binder.

1. John the Baptist
1. Print the verse page on card stock.
2. Paint with blue watercolor paint.
(you can try this cling wrap technique, it didn't work for me but maybe it will for you!)

3. Add it to your 3 ring binder 

2. This Is My Beloved Son
1. Make a puppet of Jesus by cutting out a picture of Jesus standing from a coloring page (I used the one from here ).
2. Glue or tape a craft stick on the back. 
3. Print out the Bible verse
4. glue a blue construction paper pocket at the bottom of the page.
5. Place Jesus standing in the water.
6. Add it to your 3 ring binder. 

3. It Is Written
1. Print out the heart with verse. 
2. Cut out the heart. 
3. Have your child decorate heart. (color or paint with water colors).
4. Glue bottom half of heart to piece of paper to make a pouch. 
5. Write a Bible verse on a slip of paper (choose one that you want your child to learn). 
6. Put page in 3 ring binder.

4. The Disciples Followed Jesus
1. Print out Bible verse. 
2. Decorate Bible verse with crayons or watercolors 
3. Cut a rectangle to cover bottom half of the page 
5. Glue the top side of the rectangle to make a flap 
6. Write a “?” on top of the flap.
7. Put page in 3 ring binder.

5. Nicodemus
1. Print out a coloring page of Nicodemus talking with Jesus Christ. I used a picture from The Really Big Book Of Bible Story Coloring Pages. Or you could use this one. *
2. Print out the theme verse, cut it and then glue it to the picture. (Or write it on the picture.) 
3.Color the page with crayons (not maker, so that the wax will resist the paint.)
4. Paint with black watercolor paint over the picture. The crayon will resist the black paint, and the picture will look like nighttime. 

5. Add page to 3 ring binder.
*Alternative: Printout theme verse, and have your child draw a picture of Jesus talking with Nicodemus.   

6. Woman At The Well
1. Print the Bible verse
2. Decorate the verse by coloring or painting it. 
3. Print out on card stock a picture of Jesus talking to the woman by the well.  I used a picture from The Really Big Book Of Bible Story Coloring Pages. Or you could use this one.
4. Color or paint the picture. 
5. Draw a puzzle pattern on the back of the picture (I did a 6 piece puzzle for my 3 year old.)
6. Cut out the puzzle pieces. 
7. Glue 3 sides of a rectangle to make a pocket for the puzzle pieces on the back of the Bible verse.

8. Add page to 3 ring binder.
*Note: You can sing the "By The Well" song while you do this craft.

7. Jesus' First Miracle
1. Print out the Bible verse from here and coloring page from Ministry-To-Children. 
2. Cut out the picture of the jug pouring out the wine (bottom left of the coloring page) 
3. Color the picture. 
4. Glue the picture to the Bible verse. 
(Your child may want to attach some of the other pictures to their Bible verse. One of my daughters colored the rest of the page and put it in her Bible Verse Journal)

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©Brigette Hill, 2015

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