Teaching Series

These teaching series are for children preschool through early elementary ages (3 to 8 years old) unless marked for toddlers.

Genesis 1, 2, and 3 Teaching Series:
Teaching series overview

Jesus Christ's Birth and Childhood Series:
Go to the teaching series overview page  for links to the whole series.

"Jesus Christ Our Savior" Series:
 Go to the teaching series overview page for links to the whole series. 

"I Can Know God" Teaching Series
  1. God is Big  
  2. God is the Creator 
  3. God is Almighty
  4. God is Love 
  5. He Cares For You 
  6. For Toddlers 
"God's Word is..." Teaching Series

1.  God's Word is True  
2. God's Word is Light 
3. God's Word is Sweet 
4.  God's Word Stands Forever
5. God's Word is For Toddlers

The Heart Teaching Series

1. Love God With All My Heart
2. Hide God's Word In My Heart
3. Praise God With My Whole Heart
4. God Looks At the Heart  

Obeying God Teaching Series

Noah Obeyed God 
Abram Obeyed God 
Joshua Obeyed God 
Joseph Obeyed God 
Jesus Christ Obeyed God 
Peter Obeyed God 
Children Obey Your Parents 

Prayer Teaching Series

Hannah Prayed To God
Daniel Prayed To God
Jesus Christ Prayed to God 
We Pray For Each Other

It is Good To Sing Praises To God Teaching Series  

Paul and Silas Sang Praises to God   
Moses Praised God
The Psalms are Songs That Praise God   
Pray and Sing Praises 

5 Things to Remember When Singing With Toddlers 

Other Teachings:
 3 Days and 3 Nights
Homemade Resurrection Eggs - Teaching Ideas 
"The Name of Jesus Christ" Teaching Ideas 

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