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"Joseph Obeyed God" Teaching Ideas

I also have ideas for teaching about Joseph obeying the Jesus Christ Birth and Childhood Series.

Parent Preparation: Matthew 2:13-23

Song: “Joseph Obeyed” from “Home is Where the Word Lives” by Cindy Bernardini. Have your child play shakers or maracas while listening to the song.

Supplies: Bible, Hear and Obey cards (print out from here), map or globe that shows Israel and Egypt, print out of teaching

Day 1
  • Joseph heard God’s word (visual) and obeyed it (visual). 
  • An angel came to Joseph.  An angel brings a message from God. (You can demonstrate giving a message by telling your child a message from someone else.)
  • The angel told Joseph that he should make Mary his wife. The angel told Joseph that Mary was going to have a baby boy that would be the son of God.
  • (Read Matt 1:21) He also told him to that Jesus would save people from their sins.  That is an exciting thing!  People have been looking for this since Adam and Eve 
  • Joseph could have said “No, I don’t want to”  “I want to name the baby Joseph!”  That would not be obeying what God told him to do.  That would be disobeying.  
  • Joseph did what God said!  He obeyed!  He made Mary his wife, and he named the baby Jesus.
Day 2
  • After Jesus was born, the Magi later came to visit.  Then God sent an angel to talk to Joseph.  
  • The message the angel told Joseph was to leave the town of Bethlehem and move to Egypt.  It wasn’t safe for little Jesus in Bethlehem right then, but God wanted to keep Jesus safe. Joseph heard (visual), did he obey?
  • (Read Matt 2:14)
  • Joseph obeyed and did what God told him to do. (obey card) When it was night time he took Mary and Jesus and moved far away to Egypt.  Joseph obeyed God and then Jesus was safe! 
  • (look on a globe or map for Israel and Egypt)
Day 3 
  • God told Joseph to make Mary his wife. Joseph obeyed. God told Joseph to travel to Egypt, Joseph obeyed. 
  • When it was safe for Jesus to go back to Israel, God had an angel give another message.  The angel told him to move back to the land of Israel. Joseph heard (visual) but did he obey? 
  • (Read Matt 2:21) Joseph obeyed again! (visual) 
  • We want to always obey what God tells us to do.  God loves us.  Adults need to obey God and children need to obey God.  God tells children to obey their parents.
 Additional Activities:
  • Read sections in a children’s Bible about Jesus Christ’s birth, the Magi visiting, and the journey to Egypt.
  • Act It Out:  Read sections from Matthew 2:13-23 (sometimes summarizing) and have you child act out being Joseph.  If you have more then one child, they can take turns be the angel and Mary and use a doll for Jesus.
 "Obeying God" Series 
1. Noah Obeyed God
2. Abram Obeyed God
3. Joshua Obeyed God
4. Joseph Obeyed God
5. Jesus Christ Obeyed God
6. Peter Obeyed God  

7. Children Obey Your Parents 

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