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"Joshua Obeyed God" Teaching Ideas

Theme Verse: “So the LORD (point up) was with (sign for "with") Joshua” Joshua 6:27a 

Song: Unafraid (melody here)
I will not be afraid, I will not be afraid
The LORD He will be always with me
So I’m not afraid

Parent Preparation: Joshua 1:1-9, Joshua 6, Deuteronomy 31:6, Joshua 21:45, Hebrews 11:30

Supplies: Bible, Hear and Obey cards (print out from here), wooden blocks, print out of teaching

Day 1
  • Joshua was a man in the Bible.  He heard God’s Word (card) and obeyed it (card) 
  • Joshua lived a long time ago.  He was the leader of God’s people called the children of Israel. 
  • God told Joshua to lead God’s people and God was going to give them a city called Jericho. 
  • God told Joshua that He would always be with him.
  • Joshua heard what God said, obeyed, and then God gave them the city Jericho.
  • (teach theme verse)  
  • We want to always obey what God tells us to do.  God loves us.  Adults have to obey God and children have to obey God.  God tells children to obey their parents.
Day 2
  • The city Jericho had a big wall around it, so it was not easy for God’s people to take it. 
  • Read Joshua 6:3-6 explaining as you go.  
  • Joshua heard God’s Word.  Was he going to obey?  If he just went around for 3 days would that be obeying?
  • Joshua obeyed God and did what God said!  The first day they walked one time around the city.  The second day they walked one time around the city. (etc)  The seventh day they walk 7 times around the city.  (read Joshua 6:16)
  • They shouted and obeyed God!  Yeah!  The walls fell down and God gave them the city.   
  • (have your child repeat the theme verse)
Day 3 
  • Act Out The Walls Falling Down:  Build a city with a wall around it out of blocks, Legos, or recycled boxes.  Act out the record.  Pretend it is day one, walk around the city. Pretend to go to sleep.  Wake up, pretending that it is day 2, walk around the city blowing your horns, pretend to go to sleep.  Do this 6 times.  The 7th “day” walk around 7 times and then shout.  Knock down the walls. 
  • (have your child repeat the theme verse)

Additional Activities:
  • Talk About Not Being Afraid: read Joshua 1:1-9 and talk about why Joshua didn’t have to fear.
  • Make a Puppet of Joshua: Print out man from Bible times on card stock, decorate (can even use goggly eyes) tape to a craft stick.  March around with Joshua and sing “Unafraid”
"Obeying God" Series 
1. Noah Obeyed God
2. Abram Obeyed God
3. Joshua Obeyed God
4. Joseph Obeyed God
5. Jesus Christ Obeyed God
6. Peter Obeyed God 

7. Children Obey Your Parents  

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