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"Noah Obeyed God" Teaching Ideas

I love teaching my children about people who obeyed God.   The daily work my husband and I do to teach our daughters to obey their parents is put in the greater context of how we are all to obey God.  I get reminded and encouraged myself to work on listening and obeying.

Theme Verse: “Noah did all (spread hands out wide) that the LORD (point up) had commanded him (cup hands around mouth). Genesis 7:5 ESV    

God told Noah to build an arky, arky. x2
Built it out of (clap) gopher barky, barky. 
Children of the Lord

So rise and shine and give God the glory, glory x2
Children of the Lord

Parent Preparation: Genesis 6-8, Hebrews 11:7

Supplies: Bible, print out of teaching
Day 1

  • Noah lived a long time ago. 
  • God told Noah (read Genesis 6:14a)
  • Noah had to hear what God said.  (help your child find ears to hear).  And then he had to obey and do it.
  • If Noah made the ark out of pine wood would he be obeying?
  • Noah built the ark how God told him to. (have child pretend to build the ark)  Noah listened and obeyed. 
  • (say theme verse together with actions)

Day 2
  • (read Genesis 6:17a)  A flood is where water covers everything. 
  • God told Noah “Bring a pair of every kind of animal—a male and female—into the boat with you to keep them alive during the flood.” Genesis 6:19 NLT
  • If Noah brought 4 elephants because he liked elephants, would that be obeying God?  If he didn’t like giraffes and didn’t bring them, would that be obeying God?
  • Noah heard (find ears) and obeyed.  (have child pretend to bring all the animals onto the ark. 
  • (say theme verse together with actions)

Day 3 
  • (read Genesis 7:12)  This was for almost 6 weeks!  It rained and rained, and the next day it rained.  The whole earth was covered with water! 
  • (read Genesis 7:17-20)
  • When the earth was dry God told Noah (read Genesis 8:15-17)
  • Lets see if Noah obeys God (read Genesis 8:18-19)
  • He did! (have child pretend to take animals out of the ark)
  • Noah heard (cup ears) and obeyed.
  • (say theme verse together with actions) 
  • We also need to obey God.  Both children and adults obey God.  We hear what He says and obey it. 

Additional Activities:
  • Act out Noah Listening and Obeying: Read the following verses.  Have child listen to the verse and then act as Noah obeying what God said. Genesis 6:14a, Genesis 6:19, Genesis 8:15-17 
"Obeying God" Series 
1. Noah Obeyed God
2. Abram Obeyed God
3. Joshua Obeyed God
4. Joseph Obeyed God
5. Jesus Christ Obeyed God
6. Peter Obeyed God

7. Children Obey Your Parents  
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