Monday, May 5, 2014

"Peter Obeyed God" Teaching Ideas

What amazing obedience by Peter and the apostles!  It really shows the importance of telling people about Jesus Christ.  Acting out the record really helped my girls to understand what was happening in this record.

Theme Verse:But Peter and the apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29 ESV
Do sign for “obey”.  This video is very helpful in explaining the sign for "obey".

Song: “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ” from Hide ‘Em In Your Heart Volume 1, listen here.
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, x2
And you will be saved, you will be saved,
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Parent Preparation: Acts 5:12-42, Acts 1:1-9

Supplies: Bible, "hear" and "obey" cards (print out from here), print out of teaching

Day 1
  • (Teach theme verse.)
  • People didn’t want Peter and the apostles to teach in the name of Jesus Christ.  
  • Peter and the apostles obeyed God rather than men.
  • Because they told people about Jesus Christ, people believed.  People became born again and were healed.

Day 2
  • Peter and the apostles were speaking about Jesus Christ. 
  • Mean people put Peter and the apostles in prison. 
  • An angel helped them get out of the prison. 
  • Peter and the apostles started to teach about Jesus Christ again.
  • The mean men told Peter and the apostles “we told you not to teach in that name.”
  • Peter and the apostles answered: (read theme verse)

Day 3 
  • God sent an angel to get Peter and the apostles out of prison.
  • The angel had a message from God (read Acts 5:20).
  • Peter and the apostles heard the message (hold up the “hear” card).  Where they going to obey it?
  • (read Acts 5:21a) Yeah! They obeyed! (hold up the obey card)
  • (Have the your child echo back the theme verse).
  • Everyone needs to obey God.  Parents and children obey God.

Additional Activities:
  • Act Out: Read portions of Acts 5 and have your child act out being put in prison, having the angel lead out of prison, and standing speaking about Jesus Christ.
  • Use Figurines: Use toy figurines to show your child what happened.

 "Obeying God" Series 
1. Noah Obeyed God
2. Abram Obeyed God
3. Joshua Obeyed God
4. Joseph Obeyed God
5. Jesus Christ Obeyed God
6. Peter Obeyed God 

7. Children Obey Your Parents

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