Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Hide 'Em in Your Heart Volume 1 and 2" Resource Recommendation

Starting at 1 years old, both of my daughters have had "Hide 'Em in Your Heart" volume 1 and 2 as a favorite for both music to listen to and videos to watch.  Steve Green puts scriptures to music, with children singing along with him.  It is available to buy both the music CD and a DVD together.  The DVD's have many (but not all) of the songs from the CD's.  

I like that this is simply the Bible put to music.  What a great way for my children to be reminded to think on the things of God!  When one of my daughters was only a 1 year old, she started to sing "...believe in the Lord Jesus Christ" (a song from the CD).  I was so thankful that these were the words stuck in her head!  The songs are upbeat, simple and joyful.  Simple enough for us to easily sing along to the CD or DVD, which we often do. To preview the songs you can listen to them on iTunes .
Another great thing about the music is that children are part of the singing.  My kids are drawn to children's voices singing.  So it is great to have children singing about the things of God.

The DVD gives some practical application of the scriptures they are singing about.  It shows real life situations where young children are believing and obeying God's Word.  In one instance it may even stretch the verse a bit out of context for practicality sake. However, overall it does a good job showing how the scriptures could be applied to children's lives. To preview the DVD, some of videos can be seen on You Tube.

On both on the CD and DVD Steve Green talks before every song.  It would be nice if on the CD you could just listen to the song. But this doesn't seem to bother my daughters.

Overall, I have been so thankful for this resource for my family.  The music has been great to listen to, and the DVD's are also great ways to reinforce the Bible for my children.
The CD and DVD combo are the best deal Volume1, Volume 2.  

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