Jesus Christ

Part 1: Jesus Christ's Birth and Childhood Teaching Series:
Teaching Series Overview  
1. Mary Believed
2. Jesus is Born
3. The Shepherds Saw the Savior
4. Anna and Simeon Praised God
5. The Magi Rejoiced
6. Joseph Obeyed
7. Jesus Grew

"God Gave His Son" Bible Verse Journal Part 1

Jesus Christ Our Savior Teaching Series:

I am working on posting teaching ideas for Jesus Christ's ministry, death, resurrection and ascension.

Teaching Series Overview

Part 2: Earthly Ministry Teachings:
1. John The Baptist
2. "This Is My Beloved Son"
3. It Is Written 
4. The Disciples Followed Jesus 
5. Nicodemus 
6. Woman At The Well 
7. Jesus' First Miracle 
"God Gave His Son" Bible Verse Journal Part 2

Part 3: (In the future I will come back to do further teaching ideas for Jesus Christ's earthly ministry.)

Part 4: Death, Resurrection and Ascension:
1. The Disciples Rejoiced 
2. Do This In Remembrance of Me
3. Washing Feet  
4. He Is Risen 
5. Road To Emmaus 

Other Teachings Related to Jesus Christ:
 3 Days and 3 Nights
Homemade Resurrection Eggs - Teaching Ideas 
"The Name of Jesus Christ" Teaching Ideas 
"Why Do We Need A Savior?" 


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