Thursday, March 12, 2015

Woman At The Well

Teaching about Jesus talking with the woman at the well (along with teaching about Niccodemus and John the Baptist) have been great ways for my husband and I to talk with our daughters about Holy Spirit and the new birth. It has been really exciting!

Theme Verse: “God is spirit” John 4:24, print out verse

Song:  "By The Well" by Luke and  Brigette Hill, listen here
To the woman by the well
Jesus said “God is spirit"
Worship God in spirit and truth

Parent Preparation: Pray, John 4:1-43, John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10  For further reference please read “Acceptable Year of the Lord” 4.1
From Free Bible Images

Supplies: Bible, print out of teaching notes, Bible map, bucket, picture of Jesus talking to the woman at the well (I used the slide show from Free Bible Images. This really helped my daughters engage in this long passage. They looked at the pictures on my tablet while I read the record. The slide show includes a map.)

Day 1
  • (Read John 4:3-15 while looking at visuals)
  • Jesus left Judea and was going to Galilee.  (Show both on a map)  To get there he had to pass through Samaria.  
  • (read John 4:6)  Do you know what a well is?  We can turn on a faucet to get water.  They had to get it out of a well.  (have your child pretend to fetch water with the bucket.)
  • Jesus' disciples went to the city to buy meat.
  • Jesus asked a woman at a well for a drink.
  • Jesus taught her about spirit.
  • (Read the theme verse. Have your child echo it back)
Day 2
  • (Read John 4:3-26 while looking at visuals)
  • Jesus taught her that he came to make the fountain of everlasting life available by his accomplishments.
  • We’ve learned about Jesus Christ bringing everlasting life. (Read John 3:16)
  • Jesus Christ taught the woman about spirit.
  • (Read the theme verse. Have your child echo it back)
  • The woman said that she knew that the Messiah, the Savior was going to come.  Jesus told her that he was the Messiah people were looking for!  How exciting for her! 
Day 3 
  • (Read John 4:3-30 while looking at visuals.)
  • (Read the theme verse. Have your child echo it back)
  • The woman went into the city to tell everyone that she met the Christ!  
  • (Read v40-42) The people asked Jesus to stay.  He stayed for 2 days.  As the people heard Jesus talk they know that he was the Savior of the world, the Christ.
Additional Activities:
  • Read about Jacob.

Bible Verse Journal: 
1. Print Bible verse
2. Decorate verse by coloring or painting it. 
3. Print out on card stock a picture of Jesus talking to the woman by the well.  I used a picture from The Really Big Book Of Bible Story Coloring Pages. Or you could use this one.
4. Color or paint the picture. 
5. Draw a puzzle pattern on the back of the picture (I did a 6 piece puzzle for my 3 year old.)
6. Cut out the puzzle pieces. 
7. Glue 3 sides of a rectangle to make a pocket for the puzzle pieces on the back of the Bible verse.

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