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"The Shepherds Saw the Savior" Teaching Ideas

Theme Verse: "Glory to God in the highest,” Luke 2:14a, verse printout

Song: “Christmas -Luke 2:11” from “Songs for Saplings ABC” by Dana Dirksen, listen here

Parent Preparation: Luke 2:1-20, and "Jesus Christ's Birth and Childhood" Overview

Supplies: Bible, Bible times map, toy sheep, toy people (for shepherds, angels, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus), teaching printout

Day 1
  • (Read the record in a children's Bible or Luke 2:8-20)
  • People had been waiting a long time, years and years for God to send a savior to help God’s people.  Ever since Adam and Eve sinned. (Show Adam and Eve in the front of your Bible.)
  • Shepherds watch over sheep and make sure they are safe. (set up toy sheep with toy shepherds)
  • Some shepherds were watching sheep outside the town of Bethlehem at night. (look at a Bible map and find Bethlehem).
  • An angel came to give them a message from God.
  • The angel told the shepherds that the Savior was born!
  • Then a lot of angels appeared and said (Read theme verse).
Day 2
  • (Read the record in a children's Bible or Luke 2:8-20)
  • (use the figurines to show the angel talking to the shepherds)
  • The angel told the shepherds to not be afraid, that this was a message from God that was a happy message for all people.
  • The message was that on that day a baby was born, the savior that they had been waiting for!  They could go see the baby lying in the manger.  
  • A manger is where animals like horses and cows eat from. But on that day baby Jesus was sleeping in a manger.
  • Then a whole lot of angels started praising God. (Have your child echo back the theme verse).

Day 3 
  • (Read the record in a children's Bible or Luke 2:8-20)
  • An angel told shepherds to go see the savior.  
  • Then a lot of angels praised God and said (have your child echo the theme verse).
  • The shepherds went and saw the baby Jesus. (can use figurines of shepherds, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus)
  • They were so happy that they told other people what the angels said. The shepherds praised God for what they had seen.

Additional Activities:
  • Listen to the song “Glory To God” from Handel’s Messiah.
  • Sing "Go Tell It On The Mountain"
  • Act It Out: Act out the shepherds telling other people what they had seen.
"He Gave His Son" Bible Verse Journal
  • Print out Luke 2:14. 
  • Decorate the words with glitter or glitter glue.  
  • If using glitter: 1. You can paint on watered down glue and then put glitter on top. 2. you can outline the words in glue and then put glitter on top 3. After it dries, you may want to cover it with clear contact paper before putting it in your notebook to help contain the glitter.  

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