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The Disciples Followed Jesus - Teaching Ideas


Theme Verse: “We have found the Messiah” (which means Christ).” John 1:41 ESV, print out

Song:  Fishers of Men
additional verse:
They knew he was the Lamb of God, the Lamb of God, the Lamb of God
They knew he was the Lamb of God
So they followed him x3
They knew he was the Lamb of God so they followed him

Motions: knew - point to head, Lamb of God - point up, followed - 2 thumbs up with one following the other, such as here

Parent Preparation: Pray. John 1:29-45, Mark 1:16-20, Mark 2:13-14, Luke 5:1-11 and 27-28, Matthew 4:18-22.  For further reference please read “Acceptable Year of the Lord” by Walter J. Cummins 3.5-3.7, 4.6, 5.1

Supplies: Bible, teaching print out, picture of fishing with nets in Bible times (from a children’s Bible). Optional: people figurines, a boat, a net, blue cloth for water, green cloth for land, Bible lands map

Day 1
  • We are going to learn about how the disciples followed Jesus. (teach sign for “follow”) 
  • John the Baptist had disciples. A disciple is a learner.  They follow the teachers teachings.John told his disciples that the Lamb of God would take away the sins of the world
  • (Read John 1:35-37) John was standing with 2 of his disciples. One was named Andrew. They started to follow Jesus. (“follow” motion).
  • Andrew found his brother Peter and told him (theme verse) 
  • Peter started following Christ (“follow” motion).

Day 2
  • Andrew told his brother Peter (Read the theme verse. Have your child echo it back.) 
  • (Read Matthew 4:18-22)
  • Peter and Andrew had already followed Jesus. They knew that Jesus was the Christ.  
  • When Jesus told them to follow him they knew that he was the Christ. He was the Messiah that people had been looking for, for a long time.
Day 3 
  • Andrew had told his brother Peter (read theme verse). 
  • They were excited to follow, because people had been looking for the Messiah, the Christ, for a long time.
  • (Read Luke 5:1-11, show any pictures you have of how they would catch fish with nets.) 
  • This was a miracle! They had so many fish that 2 boats began to sink! They followed Jesus.

Additional Activities:
  • God Gave His Son” Bible Verse Journal: 1. print out verse. 2. decorate verse with crayons or watercolors 3. cut a rectangle to cover bottom half of the page 4. glue rectangle to make a flap 5. write a “?” on top of the flap.
  • Read: John 1:43-45 and talk about how Moses had talked about the Christ. Mark 2:13-14 of Levi following.
  • Make a list of titles of Jesus - Lamb of God, Christ, Messiah, Lord.
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