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Homemade Resurrection Eggs - Teaching Ideas

Resurrection eggs are a great tool to help teach about the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Teaching young children the solemn topic of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection can be difficult to do in an age appropriate way. These eggs are a helpful because it gives the child something concrete to hold and interact with.  My daughters have been excited each day to open the eggs, even when they already know what is inside.  
To assemble the eggs:
  • Save an egg carton
  • Get a dozen plastic eggs
  • Number the eggs
  •  Assemble the materials. 1. Donkey (I used a clip art picture) 2. piece of bread (I put a new one in each day) 3. thimble 4. silver coins 5. thorns (I used some from a rose bush) 6. nail 7. toothpick (for spear) 8. piece of cloth 9. rock 10. #3 12. cotton-ball
If you can't find an item, you can print out a clip art picture of it (I had to do this with the donkey). My children aren't allowed to play with the eggs when we are not having our family fellowship.  This helps to keep the eggs special and also keeps the pieces from getting lost.

There are many ways to use these eggs.  Here is teaching ideas for opening them over the course of 7 days.  

Each Day:
1.  Go through the theme verse for the week.   
God resurrected this Jesus” Acts 2:32a Working Translation*
Have your child repeat the verse and do the sign for “resurrection”. Review with your child that resurrection means “to raise up”.  These resurrection eggs help us to learn about God raising Jesus from the dead.
2.Open the previous eggs and review them. 
3.Open the new egg(s) for that day. 
4. Read Bible record. For younger children you may want to read from a children's picture Bible. 
5. Sing the song for the day.  (if you don't have access to some of the songs, you can repeat previous songs)

Print out of teaching notes

Day 1

Day 1
Item in Egg: #1 a toy donkey or a picture of a donkey
Verses: Matthew 21:1-11
Song: "Hosanna!" Hide 'Em In Your Heart Volume 1 by Steve Green, you can watch here

Day 2

Day 2
Item in Eggs: #2 Bread (use a real piece of bread and let the child eat it while you talk, put a new piece of bread in each day), #3 Cup (can use a thimble or a toy cup)
Verses: Matthew 26:26-30
Song: "ABCEFG Jesus Died For You and Me"
Listen here to learn the tune.  Note, I changed some of the words (as you can see listed here) to focus more on the resurrection.
Jesus died for you and me.
God raised him, Amen! Amen!
Every word of God is true.
V and W
God has promised you
a home eternally!

Day 3

Day 3
Item in Egg: #4 Silver coins such as dimes, nickles or quarters (I didn't use 30)
Verses: Matthew 26:14-16, 46-54 I try convey the sadness of the betrayal to my children by the tone I use when talking about this.
Song: "God Loved Us" from  Gospel Light Preschool CD #1

Day 4
Day 4
Item in Eggs: #5 Thorns (I use a little piece of my rose bush), #6 Nail #7 Spear (a tooth pick, or a toy spear) I showed my girls how to carefully touch them so that they safely see that they are sharp.
Verses: Matthew 27:27-35 (explaining that to crucify him they had to nail his hands), John 19:32-37
When teaching about Jesus Christ's death I set a tone of solemness.  We talk about how this is a sad time, but how we are then happy that God raised Jesus from the dead. I have found that drawing a sad face and happy face helps with this.
Song: 2 options- "For Us" from "Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible" by Randall Goodgame, or  "This is How We Know" Hide 'Em In Your Heart Volume 1 and 2, listen here

Day 5

Day 5
Item in Egg: #8 Piece of cloth #9 A rock small enough to fit in the egg
Verses: Matthew 27:57-60
Song: "John 3:16" by George Hackett on "Always Giving Thanks", or "For God So Loved The World" by Steve Green on "Hide the Word"

Day 6

Day 6
Item in Egg: #10 A number 3 (for 3 days and 3 nights) #11 nothing (literally nothing, to show the empty tomb!)
Verses: Matthew 12:40, Matthew 28:1-10
Song: "Jesus is Alive" from Gospel Light Preschool CD #1

Day 7

Day 7
Item in Egg: #12 cotton ball (for a cloud)
Verses: Acts 1:1-11
Song: "Happy Hope", or "Waiting for My Lord's Return" from "All Filled" by Scriptural Study Groups

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Working Translation: A Journey Through Acts and Epistles, Copyright © 2006 by Walter J. Cummins. All rights reserved.
 © Brigette Hill, 2014-2015

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