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"The Name of Jesus Christ" Teaching Ideas

Theme Verse:God…gave him a name that is above every name.” Philippians 2:9 WT Do the sign for “above” by lifting one hand above the other.

Song: “His Name is Wonderful” (simplified version)
His name is wonderful, his name is wonderful,
His name is wonderful, Christ Jesus my Lord.

Sing it through three times.  The first time use a regular singing voice, the second time sing with a soft singing voice, and then the third time sing with a loud, joyful singing voice.

Parent Preparation: John 14:12-14, John 15:16, Philippians 2:8-11, Acts 4:10-12, Romans 10:9-15, John 3:16-18.  For further study: “Scripture Consulting Select Studies” by Walter Cummins chapter 4.3-4.4

Supplies: Bible, printout of teaching notes, something to write with (pencil, chalk, or dry erase marker) and something to write on (paper, chalkboard or wipe board).  An easel works the best to show “above”.

Day 1
  • What is your name? (holding paper/chalkboard/wipe board vertical, write your child’s name at the bottom)
  • What are names of our family members?  (write these names near the bottom)
  • What is the name of God’s son?
  • (Read theme verse)  God gave Jesus Christ a name above every name. (write “Jesus Christ” at the top)
  • We get to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  This is a very special privilege.

Day 2
  • (Go through the theme verse with your child repeating portions of the verse after you)
  • What is the name of God’s son? (write “Jesus Christ” at the top of the paper/chalkboard/wipe board)
  • What are some names of people in the Bible? Is that person’s name above Jesus Christ?  (Write the person’s name on the bottom. Familiar names might be David, Moses, Mary, Paul, or Noah.)
  • God gave Jesus Christ a name above all of these names!

Day 3 
  • (Go through the theme verse)
  • (Write “Jesus Christ” at the top of the paper/chalkboard/wipe board.)
  • (List names of other people under Jesus Christ.)
  • (Read Acts 4:12)
  • There is no other name by which we can be born again.
  • (List off each of the names and erase them or cross them off, leaving "Jesus Christ".  Your child can help with this.)  
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s son, and that God raised him from the dead.  In this name we are saved!

Additional Activities:
  • Name Above Activity Using Pictures: collect pictures of people from the Bible including Jesus Christ (this could be printed out from the computer, copied from coloring books, or felt board people).  Put the picture of Jesus Christ at the top.  Pick a person and ask your child “Is this person’s name above Jesus Christ?”  Then have your child put the picture of the person lower than Jesus Christ.
  • Read the Context: Read Acts 3 and 4 in the Bible or from a children’s Bible to learn the context of Acts 4:12.
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