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"Jesus Grew" Teaching Ideas

Theme Verse: “Keep my commands in your heart” Proverbs 3:1b NIV, print out of the verse

Song: “And Jesus Grew” Hide Em In Your Heart Volume 1, by Steve Green. View motions here.
(This an echo song, start by kneeling.)

And Jesus grew, in wisdom (point to head)
And Jesus grew (up on knees) in stature (point up)
and Jesus grew (stand up)  in favor (make smiley face)
with God (point up)  and men (point out to the side)

Parent Preparation: Luke 2:40-52, Provers 3:1-4, “Scripture Consulting Select Studies” by Walter J. Cummins, Chapter 8.4, Jesus Christ's Birth and Childhood Series Overview

Supplies: Bible, Bible map, printout teaching outline

Day 1
  • (Read the record in a children's Bible or Luke 2:40-52)
  • Jesus was a boy living in a town called Nazareth. (show on map)  Jesus was God’s son.
  • (Read Luke 2:40) Jesus grew from being a 1 year old to a 12 year old. (Have your child count to 12 with you.)   
  • How do we learn wisdom? From the Bible.
  • (Read your child the theme verse.)
  • Jesus had wisdom about God?  From the Bible. 
  • (Read theme verse).
  • For Jesus to grow in wisdom he would have to learn the Bible. 
Day 2
  • (Read the record in a children's Bible or Luke 2:40-52)
  • When Jesus was 12 years old his family went on a trip from Nazereth to Jerusalem. (Show on the map.) 
  • While traveling back to Nazerth Mary and Joseph couldn’t find Jesus.  
  • What do you do when you can’t find someone?  
  • They found Jesus sitting in the temple listening and asking questions from teachers that knew the Bible.
  • Mary asked him why he had stayed behind.  Jesus answered (read Luke 2:49).
  • (Have your child echo the theme verse.)
Day 3 
  • (Read the record in a children's Bible or Luke 2:40-52)
  • Jesus knew that God was his father and that he needed to learn God’s Word.  
  • Even though you are a child, you can learn God’s Word.
  • How do you learn God’s Word?  (Listen in when you are with the Church, read the Bible, listen when your mom and dad teach you.)
  • Then you keep God’s Word in your heart.
  • (Have your child echo the theme verse.)

Additional Activities:
  • Explain About Scrolls: When Jesus was a boy, the Bible wasn’t a book.  Instead it was paper rolled up, called a scroll. (have your child practice saying the word “scroll”).
"God Gave His Son" Bible Verse Notebook
  • Print out Proverbs 3:1b on computer paper.
  • Optional: after you cut out the paper, you can stain it with tea to look aged, instruction here.
  • Cut out the rectangle.  
  • Glue the craft sticks to each end of the rectangle 
  • Glue a half sheet of paper to a full sheet of paper to make a pocket 
  • When dry, roll up the scroll and keep it in the pocket.

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