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The Disciples Rejoiced - Teaching Ideas

I am excited to start this series of teaching ideas about Jesus Christ's death, resurrection, and ascension. Look for weekly teachings for the next month and a half. This is an addition to the "Jesus Christ Our Savior" series.

Verse: "the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works that they had seen;” Luke 19:37b KJV
Parent Preparation: Pray. Read: John 12:12-19, Luke 19:28-40, Mark 11:1-11, Matthew 21:1-11. For further reference Psalm 118:25-26, 2 Kings 9:13, and Leviticus 23:40, and also "Jesus Christ our Passover" Chapter 2.

Song: Rejoice in the Lord Always (listen to it on the Spotify playlist "He Is Risen" or listen to it on You Tube
Teaching Idea:
  • Jesus was entering Jerusalem.
  • Jesus’s disciples were people that followed him and learned from him. (have your child do the sign language for “follow”)
  • (Read Mark 11:7-10 or read record from a children’s Bible)
  • Spreading clothes before him showed great honor and that he was important.
  • Palm branches were associated with joy and triumph.
  • Read Luke 19:37. The disciples rejoiced and praised God for the mighty works that they had seen. 
Additional Teaching Ideas:
  • Read Luke 19:37. Write a list or draw pictures of the mighty works that the disciples had seen Jesus do. Or have your child look through a Bible picture book and talk about the pictures that are mighty works.
  • Hosanna (hide em in your heart), Read Matthew 21:1-11 
  • Read about Lazarus being raised from the dead John 11:38-45, and talk about that this is one of the mighty works that the disciples   John 12:17-18
  • Act it out: have your child pretend to spend clothes, wave palm branches and rejoice.
  • Listen to "He Is Risen" playlist on Spotify.
Bible Verse Journal (to set up your journal see this post) 
  1. Print out Bible verse.
  2. Color Bible verse.
  3. Cut out a palm leaf out of green construction paper. Snip the edges

4. Glue top corner of palm leaf at the top of the page to make the palm leaf be a flap to cover the verse.

Coloring Page: Options for coloring pages and crafts.
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