Friday, March 4, 2016

"He Is Risen" Music Playlist

Playlist: "He Is Risen" - Spotify Link (after going to the playlist click "follow")
For Amazon listeners: Amazon didn't have enough of these song's for me to make a playlist. In the future, I will make other playlists on Amazon.

How to use Spotify Playlist:
  • You can listen to Spotify for free, with some limitations.
  • On desktop website you can listen to whichever song on the playlist you choose. 
  • On mobile app you can listen to the playlist, but you cannot choose a specific song. Spotify will shuffle the playlist. *Note, after so many songs on the playlist, it will start to play songs not on the playlist. 
  • You can follow HumbleHearts on Spotify here.

Teaching Ideas that Relate To These Songs:
 ©Brigette Hill, 2016 

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