Monday, January 6, 2014

"God's Word is Sweet" Teaching Ideas

Theme Verse: 
“How sweet are your words to my taste” Psalm 119:103a

Parent Preparation:
Psalm 119:11, 103; Jeremiah 15:16; Psalm 19:7-11, 2 Peter 1:20-21

Bible; small bites of different foods for the taste test (something sweet, salty, sour, etc), print out of teaching notes

Day 1:
  • (Read Psalm 119:103) 
  • This is talking about God’s Word.  Where do we read God’s Word?
  • These words in my Bible are God’s Word. (let your child gently turn the pages in your Bible)
  • Men wrote down these words as God told them what to write down. 
  • In this verse it says that God’s Words are sweet to taste.   We love God’s Word.  
  • When we are gentle with our Bibles we are showing respect to God.
Day 2:
Taste Test
  • How do we taste something?  Different foods have different taste (taste the different foods together) 
  • Which food was sweet?
  • (Read Psalm 119:103)
  • The Bible is God’s Word. Honey is also a food that is sweet.  This says that God’s Word is sweeter than honey. 
  • Do we eat the Bible?  No!  But this means that God’s Word is so good, it is better than something really sweet.
Day 3:
  • (Read Psalm 119:103) 
  • God’s Word is sweet because it teaches us so many wonderful things.
  • What does the Bible tell us about?
  • One thing God’s Word teaches, is us about how God loves us. Hearing that God’s love is better than eating sweet things like ice cream, cookies or honey. 
  • We want to learn what the Bible says, think about it and talk about it, because it is sweet.   
Additional Activities 
  • Taste a Honeycomb:  As a family try eating some honeycomb (we found ours at our Farmers Market).  Eat it with some toast and butter, with some cheese and crackers, or with some nuts.  Read Psalm 19:10 together. 
  • Sing of God’s Word:  Make a playlist or CD of songs that praise God for His Word.  “My tongue will sing of your word, for all your commandments are right.” Psalm 119:172 ESV  Listen to the songs together in the car or when at home.  

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