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God's Word Is For Toddlers- Toddler Tuesday

Toddler's can start to have an awe and reverence for God's Word.  God uses some great tangible examples (honey, light, flowers) to explain how wonderful His Word is.  Here are 5 simple and short teachings for toddlers to learn about the Bible.  From the "God's Word is..." teaching series I took one activity and a Bible verse for each point.  Since toddlers learn best from lots of repetition, each one of these activities could be done for multiple days. 

Day 1:  The Bible is God's Word
Parent Preparation: 1 Peter 1:20-21
Supplies: a Bible
  • Where is the Bible? (have your child point to the Bible)
  • The Bible is God's Word.
  • Men wrote down words as God told them what to write down. 
  • Tell me a word and I will write it down.  I wrote (child’s name) words.  When men wrote down what God said they wrote down God’s words.  The Bible is God’s Word.  God spoke them and men wrote them down.

Day 2: God's Word is True
Parent Preparation:  Psalm 119:160, Numbers 23:19
Supplies: A fake or pretend items and a real version of an item (such as play food and real food, a fake flower and a real flower). A Bible and also a book that has pretend characters in it (Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, etc).
  •  The Bible is God's Word. 
  • “All your words are true” Psalm 119:160a NIV  All of God's Words in the Bible are true.
  • (Hand the 2 items to your child.  Talk about which one is real and which one is pretend.)
  • (Look at a story book (Pooh or Elmo) talk about how this is pretend.  Then look at a Bible and talk about how this is true.)

Day 3: God's Word is Light
Parent Preparation: Psalm 119:105, Proverbs 6:20-23
Supplies: Flashlight, Bible
  • This is a flashlight.  It helps us see when it is dark. It provides light.
  • (Go outside at night when it is really dark.  Let your child hold the flashlight and look around.  Alternative daytime activity: go into a dark closet and look for hidden toys.) 
  • (As you walk, point out how the flashlight helps you know where there are bushes, rocks, trees, and holes.  Point out how walking around these things keeps you from getting hurt.)
  • “Your word is a lamp to my feet” Psalm 119:105a  The Bible is a light for our feet.

Day 4: God's Word is Sweet
Parent Preparation: Psalm 119:103, Psalm 19:7-11
Supplies: Bible, sweet piece of food (honey if possible)
  • How do we taste something? Lets taste this piece of food.  (taste the piece of food together) 
  • Was this sweet or sour?
  • "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!" Psalm 119:103
  • Honey is a food that is sweet.  This says that God’s Word is sweeter than honey. 
  • Do we eat the Bible?  No!  But this means that God’s Word is so good, it is better than something really sweet.

Day 5: God's Word Stands Forever
Parent Preparation: Isaiah 40:6-8, 1 Peter 1:23-25
Supplies: the Bible, a flower
  • (Pick a flower together, and set it somewhere in the house to watch it fade.  Don’t put it in water, this will help the fading happen faster.)
  • "the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever." Isaiah 40:8b ESV
  • (Check each day on your flower and watch it fade.  Talk about how God's Word still stands.)
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© Brigette Hill, 2014

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  1. Brigette, I always get so very blessed checking out your teaching ideas! 😊 Since my Lilli is almost 10, and I'll have littler
    ones in children's fellowship tomorrow, the toddler page is inspiring! Also, because I will become a Grama this May 💗