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"Paul and Silas Sang Praises to God" Teaching Ideas

Theme Verse: “Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God” Acts 16:25 ESV

Song: Praise Him
Praise Him, praise Him
Praise Him in the morning, praise Him at noontime
Praise Him, praise Him
Praise Him when the sun goes down.

Here is a video of some motions.

Parent Preparation: Acts 16:8-40, Psalm 98:4, Psalm 146:2, 147:1

Supplies: Bible, masking tape, print out of teaching

Day 1
  • Paul and Silas got thrown in prison for helping a woman.  This was so sad. 
  • Prison guards made sure they didn’t leave. The doors were closed.
  • They did what God had said to do, but they were punished. They were hurt.
  • Lets read what Paul and Silas did in this sad situation. (Read them verse).  
  • They prayed!  God hears our prayers, He helps us when we pray!
  • And they sang praises to God!  They could have cried all night.  But they still had reasons to praise God.
Day 2
  • In prison Paul and Silas’s feet were in stocks.  (Tape your legs to the ground with masking tape.  Show how you can’t go anywhere.)
  • Did they cry all night? (Read them verse.  Have your child repeat it after you.)
  • (Read Ps 147:1a.)  Is it bad to sing praises to God?  Is it just okay to sing praises to God?  No! It is good to praise God!
  • After Paul and Silas prayed and sang, an earthquake came.  What happens in an earthquake?  The ground was shaking and the doors opened, and their legs came out of the stocks! (have your legs be freed)
Day 3 
  • Paul and Silas were in prison. (Read theme verse.  Have your child repeat it after you.)
  • An earthquake shook the ground and they could get out!
  • The keeper of the prison then asked them “What do I do to be saved?”
  • Paul answered and told him God’s good news. (Read Acts 16:31)  The prison guard believed and was born again!  He received holy spirit.  And then he told everyone in his house and they believed and were born again!
Additional Activities:
  • During the week point out the different type of songs that you sing.  Songs to help learn - ABC’s, songs that are fun and sill. Point out that best songs are songs that help us praise God and help us remember what His Word says.
  • Together with your child make a list of songs that praise God.
  • Act out the whole record with your child.
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