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"Pray and Sing Praises" Teaching Ideas

I really enjoy teaching this verse, James 5:13, to my girls.  There is great application to teach in everyday life.  And as I endeavor to also pray and sing praise during my daily life, I grow with my daughters.

Theme Verse: “Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.” James 5:13 ESV

Song: Take turns with your child picking songs to sing that praise God. Refer to the Children's Bible Songs Page for ideas.

Parent Preparation: Philippians 4:6-7,  James 5:13, Deuteronomy 6:5, 1 John 5:2-3, Psalm 42:5

Supplies: Bible, puppet (see note below on the puppet), Kleenex, print out of the teaching, Page 1 of craft, Page 2 of craft.

Day 1
Puppet: (Crying)
Parent: What’s wrong?
Puppet: I’m so upset!
Parent: (Give puppet Kleenex) James 5:13 has some help for you.  It says “Is any among you suffering? Let him pray.”
Puppet: That sounds like me! I am so sad and upset. (more crying)
Parent: I know that you love God with all of your heart.
Puppet: Yes, I do.  (still crying)
Parent:  When we love God, that means we do what His Word says to do.  You know that you are suffering, so then you need to pray to God.
Puppet:  I will go do that right now.  When I pray I could thank God for things,  like God loves me and I have food to eat. 
Parent: See you later!

Day 2
Puppet: Whoopie!! Yahoo!!!
Parent:   Hi! How are you?
Puppet:  I am so good!  Whee! God loves me, I have food to eat, and parents who love me.
Parent:  You remind me of part of a verse.  James 5:13 says “Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.”
Puppet: I feel cheerful and happy!  So what does God say to do?  I love God and want to do what the Bible says.
Parent:  You are to sing songs that praise God.
Puppet:  Like “My God is So Great!”
Parent: Yes!
Puppet:  But I am not with the Church.
Parent:  You can sing praises to God anytime.  God tells us to sing praises to Him all day long!
Puppet:  Okay, I’m going to sing! (leaves singing “My God is So Great”)

Craft Drawn By Amber Richardson

Day 3 
Make the James 5:13 craft. (Thanks to Amber Richardson for drawing this craft!)

  • Print the 2 pages. Page 1, Page 2 (please let me know if the pages don't line up when you print them, so that I can adjust them)
  • Cut on the lines on page 1 to make “flaps” to open. 
  • Glue page 1 on top of page 2 so that you can see the pictures through the flaps.  
  • Have your child color the people.

Additional Activities:
Apply the Verse In Daily Life:

  • Look for times during the week that your child is sad or upset. Review James 5:13 and pray together with your child.
  • Look for times during the week that your child is happy.  Sing a song together to praise God.
Note About The Puppet:
  • If you don’t have a puppet you can make one out of a sock, or a paper bag, or a Popsicle stick.  
  • When using puppets when teaching the Bible, I have the puppet's character be really excited about the Bible.  At the same time, I maintain that I am the one teaching the Bible, not the puppet.  
  • It can be fun to give the puppet a name, personality, and even its own voice (though I have a hard time maintaining the voice!) 

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