Monday, June 2, 2014

Daniel Prayed To God - Teaching Ideas

Theme Verse: “Three times a day he (Daniel) got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.” Daniel 6:10b NIV

Song: "Daniel Was A Man Of Prayer", listen here

Parent Preparation: Daniel 6:1-28

Supplies: Bible, print out of teaching, puppet (see note below on the puppet)

Day 1 
• (Read theme Bible verse.) 
• Daniel prayed 3 times every day (count together to 3). 
• Daniel prayed to God. 
• Puppet: “Is prayer when you talk to yourself?” 
• No! When you pray you are speaking to God. 
• Puppet: “I can’t pray to God right now, I don’t see Him here.”
• God is Holy Spirit. We can’t see spirit. God is here, and  He hears our prayers even though he doesn’t have ears. 
• Daniel thanked God. What are things that we can thank God for? 
• (Pray together.)

Day 2 
• Bad men saw Daniel praying to God. 
• They made a rule that if you prayed to God you would be thrown into a den full of lions! 
• Puppet: “That’s okay, lions are cats, my neighbors have cats, they are nice. They say “meow”” 
• Lions are dangerous. They have sharp teeth and claws! They make sounds like “Roar!” 
• Puppet: “Don’t go in there Daniel!” 
• Do you think he stopped praying? (read theme verse).  No! He went in front of His window and prayed to God. 
• So the bad men went and got Daniel, and threw him into the lion's den! 
• God sent an angel to shut the lion’s mouth! 
• (Pray together.)

Day 3 
• (Read them verse. Have child pretend to be Daniel and act out the verse.) 
• (Act out together putting Daniel in the lions den, an angel shutting the lion’s mouth, and Daniel coming out of the lion’s den.) 
• (Read Daniel 6:23) Daniel believed and trusted that God would take care of him. When we pray we can trust God to take care of us. 
• Puppet: “Can I only pray 3 times a day? 
• We can pray anywhere we go, at any time of day. 
• (Pray together.)

Note About The Puppet 
• If you don’t have a puppet you can make one out of a sock, or a paper bag, or a popsicle stick. 
• When using puppets when teaching the Bible, I have the puppet's character be really excited about the Bible.  At the same time I still maintain that I am the one teaching about the Bible and not the puppet. 
• It can be fun to give the puppet a name, personality, and 
even its own voice (though I have a hard time maintaining the voice!)

Prayer Teaching Series:
  © Brigette Hill, 2014

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