Monday, July 7, 2014

"Moses Praised God" Teaching Ideas

Our family has so much fun singing Bible songs together! With these teachings we had such a great time talking about God's power with parting the Red Sea, and praising God together with songs.  

Theme Verse:The LORD is my strength and my song” Exodus 15:2
“Strength” flex arms, “Song” - cup hands around mouth

Song: “Great Big Wonderful God” or “My God is So Great”

Parent Preparation: Exodus 14:1-31, Exodus 15:1-21, Psalms 147:1

Supplies: Bible, print out of teaching

Day 1
  • Moses and the children of Israel were running from Pharaoh and his army.   They cried out to God and asked for help. 
  • God gave his word and told Moses what to do.  God told Moses to lift his rod.
  • Moses obeyed what God said and lifted his rod. (Read Ex 14:21)
  • And God delivered them!  It is so amazing!
  • After they passed through the Red Sea, Moses sang praises to God. 
  • (Teach the theme verse).

Day 2
  • God delivered Moses by parting the Red Sea. 
  • What do you think Moses did after God did something so amazing?  Cry and be sad?  Look bored and yawn? No! (Read Psalm 147:1) It is good to sing praises to God!
  • That is what they did.  Moses and the children of Israel  sang praises to God.
  • The Bible has written down the words to the song that they sang.
  • (Show your child where it is in your Bible, and read the theme verse.)  
  • The song is about God’s power.  Do we sing songs about God’s power?  What songs?  It is good that we sing those songs.

Day 3 
  • Moses sang praises to God. (Have child repeat theme verse after you.) 
  • Mariam was Moses sister.  Mariam and the other women danced, played a tambourine and praised God for being so great.  
  • What instruments do you see people play to praise God? 
  • Do you ever play instruments to praise God?  Do you ever dance to music that is praising God?

Additional Activities:
  • Act out crossing the Red Sea.
  • Dance to a song that praises God.
  • Make a shaker out of an old container and dried rice or beans.  Shake it to a song.
"It is Good To Sing Praises To God" Teaching Series
Paul and Silas Sang Praises to God 
The Psalms are Songs That Praise God   
Pray and Sing Praises
©Brigette Hill, 2014

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