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Genesis 1, 2, & 3 Teaching Series Overview

This is an overview of teaching ideas for 3 weeks. The topics are from Genesis chapters 1, 2, and 3. It is geared towards the preschoolers and early school aged children in your home. 
  1. "And It Was So" 
  2. "It Was Good"
  3. "Why Do We Need A Savior?"
Goals for the Teaching Series - for children to develop in their understanding and believing of:

  • God is the Creator.  God used power and wisdom to make and create all that is around us. We can have awe and respect for God.
  • God called the things He made good.
  • We need a Savior because of loss of Spirit.
Parent Preparation:
  • Read Genesis chapters 1, 2, and 3.  
  • Further biblical records to read: Psalms 33:5-9, Psalm 148:3-6, Isaiah 40:28, Isaiah 45:18, Jeremiah 10:12-13, John 4:24, Romans 11:33
  • I found it helpful to read additional study material. I read "Walking in God's Power Foundation Class Student Study Guide" 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3; "Scripture Consulting Select Studies" 2.1; and "Acceptable Year of the Lord" Chapter 1.
Children's Bible:
If you have a Children's Bible, you may want to read from it when teaching your child Genesis 1, 2, and 3. Review it ahead of time to see if the pictures and words in the Children's Bible are Biblically accurate.  We have found one that we like pretty well: NIrV Read With Me Bible.

If your child responds well to visuals, this topic lends itself to visuals and hands on items. The list could be endless of items you could use (we are talking about God's creation!)  Find the items that are easy to gather in your home, and that your child would respond to.
  • Bible Basket - I found it helpful to have everything in a basket, so that it was ready each day.  You could also use a shoe box.
  • Light -flashlight, yellow fabric/paper, lamp 
  • Water - blue scarf/paper/felt
  • Land - brown paper bag, brown fabric/paper/felt
  • Plants- green scarf/paper/felt, imitation plants/leaves, leaves from real plants
  • Sun, moon, stars- cut out yellow circles, grey circles, and stars shapes and tape them to craft sticks. Star fabric/paper.
  • Creatures in the ocean, birds - any toy fish or birds you may have. Can also cut pictures out of paper. (we didn't have any, so we used hand motions for fish and for birds)
  • Animals and people - toy animals, toy people (doll house, Lego, Play-mobile), or draw animals and people on pieces of paper.
  • Smiley Face and Sad Face - Drawn on the front and back of a paper plate or a piece of paper
  • Other options- look outside for examples of each, have your child point to each thing in the pictures in your children's Bible, look at coloring pages (see under Crafts).
Playlist ideas to listen to throughout the month:

Songs to sing together a capella:
  • My God is So Great
  • Great Big Wonderful God
If your child learns from doing crafts, there are lots of crafts that can reinforce this topic.
  • Spend as much time as possible outside.  Eat outside, go on picnics, go swimming, go on hikes, go to playgrounds.
  • Go on a hike specifically looking around and talking about what God made and created. 
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