Monday, January 4, 2016

Draw Psalm 148 - Short and Sweet

Verse: Psalm 148:13a "Let them praise the name of the Lord,"
Goal: For your child to praise God
Parent preparation: Read Psalm 148, print out Bible verse, and and gather crayons/pencils/markers. For further reference read Exodus 3:13-15.

What to do: 
  • Read through Psalm 148:3-6, 9-13.
  • Talk with your child that one of God’s names is LORD Jehovah.
  • Talk with your child about how we see God's strength and wisdom in all that He made and created.
  • Talk about ways that we can praise the Lord.
  • Have your child draw something from Psalm 148.   

Additional ideas:
  • Sing the song "Praise Him"
  • Have fun yourself joining in and drawing.
  • While your child is drawing, read through Psalm 148 again to give your child a chance to think on the verses.
  •  Drawing can be intimidating for both children and adults. Try to focus on basic shapes that make up a picture (circles, squares, curves, corners, diagonals, etc). 
  • Have fun together. The focus is on praising God, not judging our drawing skills.
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"Short and Sweet" are short blog posts that share ideas of how to teach the sweetness of God's Word to your child.
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