Monday, January 11, 2016

Use Stickers When Teaching The Bible - Short And Sweet

 Kids like stickers. Long before I ever had kids of my own, when working as an occupational therapist, if I want to get a child’s attention I would pull out stickers. With my own children I’ve continued to see joy, excitement, and interest when I pull out stickers. This can be a great starting point and also a time of and reinforcement when teaching the Bible.

Goal: Use what your child is interested in as a starting point for teaching your child something from God’s Word. In this case it is something as simple as stickers. 
Parent preparation: As you look in God’s Word and pray about what to teach your child, think about if that topic lends itself to using stickers.  
What to do:
  • Stick the stickers and then read the Bible verse. Example: Have your child put lion stickers on a piece of paper and then read about Daniel in the lions den from Daniel chapter 6.
  • Read the Bible verse and then stick the stickers. Example: Read God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 15:5-6 and then stick star stickers on a piece of paper.
  • Read Bible verses while sticking the stickers. Example: Read verses from Genesis chapter 1 and have your child put corresponding stickers on a piece of paper (stars, animals, trees, flowers are common to find).
Topic Ideas:
Technique Ideas:
  • Make your own stickers from sticky foam paper. We’ve made loaves and fishes stickers from foam paper before. Matthew 14:13-21
  • Add stickers to coloring page to make part of it stand out. We’ve added stars to coloring page of Nicodemus talking to Jesus at night. John 3:1-7
  • Use Bible verse stickers to decorate a notebook, bookmark, or folder. Bible verse stickers can be found at Christian bookstores and Hobby Lobby.
  • Use letter stickers to spell out words (such as: Love, God, Jesus Christ, Bible) or spell out Bible verses.
  • Use stickers for “relief”. Color our paint over the stickers and then take the sticker off (when the paint dries). We’ve done this with the Magi rejoicing when they saw the star. Matthew 2:10 (see here) 
"Short and Sweet" are short blog posts that share ideas of how to teach the sweetness of God's Word to your child.
©Brigette Hill, 2016

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