Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A-B-C and 1, 2, 3 in the B-I-B-L-E - Short and Sweet

Preschoolers and kindergartners are daily discovering and learning letters and numbers. This provides a great opportunity to open the Bible and have our children start to recognize what is inside! 
Goal: As your child learns the alphabet and numbers he or she will see that these help us learn the Bible.
Parent preparation: Look for times when you child is interested in letters and numbers. Be ready to show your child the letter or number in the Bible.
What to do:

Letters: When your child starts talking with you about a particular letter:
  • Talk about what other words in the Bible start with that letter.
  • Open your Bible and find books of the Bible that start with that letter. 
  • Look for people's names in the Bible that start with that letter. 
  • Example: One late afternoon our family was outside and my 5 year old daughter said "Look I can write a "J"!" In the air she wrote a big "J" and little "j". I then asked her "What words in the Bible start with "J"?" We brainstormed together as she pranced around the yard...Jonah, Jesus, joy, Jonathon, James, John the Baptist...
Numbers: When your child talks about a particular number:
  • Look together at chapter numbers and verse numbers in the Bible.
  • Read a verse that is the number of the age of your child.
  • Count how many chapters are in book of the Bible your child has learned about (Ephesians, Psalms, or John). Or count how many verses are in a chapter that your child has learned from (Genesis 1, Psalm 23, or Ephesians 6). 
  • Example: My 4 year old daughter is excited about anything with the number "4" in it. We looked up Philippians 4:4 in the Bible together and saw how the number 4 helped us to find the Bible verse.
Additional activities:
 "Short and Sweet" are short blog posts that share ideas of how to teach the sweetness of God's Word to your child.
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