Thursday, December 11, 2014

December Newsletter

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What to look for this month:
  • Introduction of "Jesus Christ Our Savior" teaching series.  I am so excited about this! Over the next year of 2015 I will be posting ideas for teaching children about Jesus Christ. It will be a great year!  This month I will do an overview of the teaching series.  The last week of December I will post the first teaching ideas.  This way, you can review them and teach them to your child in January. Throughout the series I will be referring to "The Acceptable Year Of The Lord" by Walter J. Cummins. If you don't have this book, I strongly suggest getting it.  I have found it extremely helpful to refer to when teaching children about Jesus Christ.
  • "4 Verses For Parents in 2015". Technically this will be posted next month, on January 1st. A great way to start the first of the year.
Past posts that may be helpful this month:
This month we have been having fun listening to the CD "Home Where the Word Lives" by Cindy Bernardini. 

Have a great Holiday Season!

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